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April 17, 2009


Voice Of One

I wanted to comment on your Rush Lambaugh statement, You said that you had listen to his show and never heard anything he said about black's I just got to say your a liar, I have listen to him you can't help but to heard how he feels about black people in general, How dare you think those Black player that will go home and look there mothers and family in the face to say to them it's all about the money. I don't care how hard my mom work all her life and put up with white people calling her names and bad mouthing her. Hell look what he has said about the first Black President how little he think of him and it not his policies How much were you paid to do the story for Rush. Oh' yea, I'm calling you a sell out! You think that since you have your little show it don't mean anything to step on people. Don't forget the same people you step on going up are the same one's you see when your down. can you say, "MASTER" oh I want you to write back!!! I give you a lesson in history and what it means to be black. You must have been off the planet not to have heard about Rush Lambaugh statements Your a liar!!

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