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February 08, 2009



Stephen A..absolutely have to agree that Lakers are suspect as Odom is an aberation....tremendous or horrible it seems of equal portions....A-Rod? Whatever! I guess the bigger question is who was not taking PHD (perform enhance) during the "so-called" steroid era of baseball. And to SI...if you are going to name A-Rod, then you have a responsibility to also name the other 102 players who failed the tests in 2003. It is tough to judge since the window is short-lived in pro sports and the players are all doing what they can to get the one big contract that sets them, their kids, and their kid's families up for life financially. Don't try to tell me, even with the nice coin you have to be making, that you wouldn't shoot yourself in the ass for a few years to make $20 mil per/year. Amare...not worth commenting on since he is quitting on the Suns....but living in Orlando where he attended three differnet high schools in three years we all know Amare is not the sharpest tool in the shed....and finally I wouldn't quit on the Magic just yet. They are the best 3-point shooting team in the league and while it is a "live by die by" gamble if they get hot at the right time they can make a run at the title. Thanks for the opp. Take care.....MP

Tim I.

BOZO... U r still trying to claim that you "report" .. what a joke Bozo.. YOUR THE BIGGEST JOKE IN SPORTS

Don't push me!

Tim I.

It's been a while since I let you know how much your stephen erkle looking face makes me sick bozo.. don't push me


Stephen, do you ever find that the weight of Terrell Owens' fecal matter on your nose slows you down?
Just curious


Over two months and no updates? Can't think of anything to make up or is it you simply can't take the heat so you quit. You suck.

Account Deleted

Stephen A. Smith has been slowly losing responsibility over the last year at ESPN, and many have questioned whether his time with the "Leader" was up. Well according to The Big Lead, that time is upon us, and Smith's contract won't be renewed this May....
Stephen A. Smith-going-bye-bye/
While this is obviously still a rumor, it seems to make sense. SAS has been phased out of NBA work for the most part, and really only appears on First Take from time to time. So where does he go next? My first thought is that he will expand on his CNN appearances, but SI and Fanhouse are still out there. It's not like he doesn't have options.

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