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February 04, 2009


Chris T

Here are some great comments by an actual reported commenting on S.A.S:

"So how does a guy get to be so wrong? Well, someone who doesn’t know anything may have told him something and instead of doing what any self-respecting man who purported to be a reporter would do – check sources, check the story – some guys with delusions of grandeur like to yell and scream from the high heavens without doing the legwork to find out if what they’re screaming is even remotely correct." -- Doug Smith, Toronto Star


'So "Bosh has already told the Raptors" has been downgraded to "Bosh has quietly made the Raptors aware of this." But how quietly, one wonders? Hallmark card? Twitter? Honey bee hive colony dance?'

- Nice: http://deadspin.com/5145138/everything-stephen-a-smith-makes-up-is-important


Talk about a lying journalist, RICK CHANDLER from deadspin is the liar. You would think that if you are gonna have the nerve to critisize Stephen A. your post would be on its "A" game. You describe Stephen A's comment section as being sensored because the last 7 posts we're negative and you try to support that with a link that shows posts from OCTOBER not even from his most recent blogs which are majority negative. Toronto fans, get over it Bosh doesnt want to be in "NO CHAMPIONSHIP LAND" anymore.. why is that such a hard topic to believe...


Talk about a lying journalist, RICK CHANDLER from deadspin is the liar. You would think that if you are gonna have the nerve to critisize Stephen A. your post would be on its "A" game. You describe Stephen A's comment section as being sensored because the last 7 posts WERE NOT negative and you try to support that with a link that shows posts from OCTOBER not even from his most recent blogs which are majority negative. Toronto fans, get over it Bosh doesnt want to be in "NO CHAMPIONSHIP LAND" anymore.. why is that such a hard topic to believe..

Chris T

Sam: No one would be upset with S.A.S if he had just stated an opinion - but he hides behind a psuedo-reporter status of fact finder and reports his opinion as fact. Will Bosh leave Toronto ... who knows?€- if Colangelo doesn't change things quickly it is more than likely. The same can be said for LBJ (at least Bosh isn't wearing Yankee's caps!). Is LBJ obviously leaving the "no championship land" of Cleveland (no major sports championship since '64 - hell, at least Toronto won the World Series in the '90s' ... twice)? Opinions are cool ... fabrication of facts to support an opinion is not.

Tim I.

Wow... I want to know how this guy gets on tv.. So Steve you've covered the NBA for over 10 years.. wow!!!!!! I suppose that means that everyone should believe every word you say. The bottom line is that it is clear that you simply don't understand the difference between REPORTING and STATING AN OPINON!! You claim to have sources but state none. You obviously don't have any other than Moe from the simpsons.. WHAT A JOKE!


An outright dismissal of what Mr. Smith has reported, thus far, is nonsensical.

Mr. Smith,

It is going to be most interesting to see how things unfold over the next several months in Raptorville.

Keep On Truck'n :-)


Well if 10 years of service as an insider warrants credibility, then does that mean we should be listening to Jalen Rose in 10 years? No matter how much "experience" you may have, it doesn't change the fact that your opinions and statements are just plain ridiculous! So I guess that just means people have had to hear your sorry voice for the past decade. ESPN and TNT have really done a good job putting outspoken idiots on t.v. to fetch higher ratings...at least you're not in as much trouble as Barkley. A third grader could do what you do.


SAS -- if you weren't full of shit, why does your story keep changing? Why did ESPN not even put your big breaking story in its newsfeed? (assuming not even they take you seriously for your news....they just like how you talk loud and entertain)

Further, you may be an insider because you hang out with some NBA players, but i seriously doubt that you and Chris Bosh are buddies, or you and Bryan Colangelo. Of all people to get the inside scoop, why would it be you? You're a moron.


I wonder if the Miami Heat is one of the front runners interested on Chris Bosh. What could the Toronto Raptors take in return for him?

I know the Miami Heat has Shawn Marion as a commodity, but besides him, who or what else will they want? or will make this deal work?

And if so, how will you see the Heat in respect of this years success? Perhaps reach the Eastern Conference Finals?

Eitherway, I seriously doubt this deal will happen, at least not for this year.


Stephen A, you really know how to stir things up, you have truly pissed off some Raptor’s fans, NICE!
In any event, time will tell, and in the end I believe Bosh will be out whether he wants to or not. I just don’t know why everybody is getting so worked up over Chris Bosh, yeah he’s nice but aren’t the Raptors like 23 games back, “nothing from nothing leaves nothing”. His play is being overshadowed by a losing team. Who wouldn’t deny saying “I want out” if asked. Not saying Bosh is lying, but it is quite possible was trying to keep a low profile on the matter, but thanks to you… cats out of the bag.
Hey Raptor fans, how about taking all this energy and place it in the arena to cheer up a win for your team. Face, just like my Warriors, players stop there to get prepared for a winning career on another team. Since I am a fan of the game I will give you’ll a “good luck tonight”, you’re going to need it.
Stephen A, you keep doing what you do, and yes you should be using you site more.
Your Gurl,


Here is what I want to know: Why does it matter so much a) what SAS thinks and b) what CB4 wants? If Bosh doesn't want to be here, I am sure no fan/member of the Raptors organization wants him here, either. Let's not mix Bosh up with a superstar. Chris Bosh is an elite player, but certainly no superstar. BC is not stupid enough to lose an asset like him, and would definitely pull the trigger on a deal to bring someone else here. So- who gives a flying whatever what CB4 wants at this point? And who cares what a wanna-be somebody but really a nobody journalist says/thinks/allegedly knows?


We should not be so focused on what will happen in 2010, we should worry about the present, and how to fix it. If Bosh is not part of that, then so be it. There are many talented basketball players who can fill his spot, and, for the record, who won't let other superstars (read: Kevin Garnett) push this pansy around.

Cb4; don't let the door hit you on the way out.\
SAS; you might want to find another piece of news to post on your blog. Nobody in the US of A cares about a Canadian team- don't you have anything else to say or are you a one-trick pony?

Thought so.


You remind me of the reporter from The Wire the way you make up stories. Too bad ESPN doesn't seem to care about the truth.

You have no sources in the Bosh camp and the Raptors insiders would never tell you a thing like that.

Why hasn't one reputable journalist been able to back your story? You'd think your colleagues Chad Ford, Ric Bucher, or Marc Stein would be able to back you with all of their resources...but nope. your creditability (if you have any left) is on the line, and no one is stepping up to back your story. Why would that be?

You're no more of an insider than any idiot with Internet access.


Here is the deal as far as I see it. Bosh has denied the story. Colangelo has denied the story. You have said you have a source for this story. Fine. Who is the source? I have been a Raptors fan for as long as they have been in the NBA. However, it is "sportscasters" like you who come up with this B.S. just so they can stir up the pot a bit and see what happens. If Jabbar could be traded - so can anyone so stating that Bosh "may" be traded makes as much sense as saying that the Knicks may win an NBA championship in the future. Well duh!!! I will repeat my question to you - who is the source. I suspect his name is Casper and he is a ghost. And we as the fans have a ghost of a chance from hearing the truth from you. Or have you been reading too many of your own headlines. Putz.

Tim I.

Don't push me?? Wow you really are an entertainer not a reporter aren't you? All I can say is that you just really made your old school Winston-Salem State University look pathetic. If I was faculty there, I'd be downright embarrassed. I doubt you even took journalism but if you did then they definately never taught you anything about having 2 solid sources before "REPORTING" something. Unfortunately, the Stephen. A. Smith alarm you keep in your pocket which vibrates, indicated to you that it was time to go on ESPN and "entertain" some horse shit so because you need the attention as if your life depended on it. You should resign if they don't fire you first. WHAT A JOKE!

Tim I.

P.S. you just PUSHED ME! Your face makes me sick.. I'd love to send my fist in its direction

Tim I.

"Ya know, fans are absolutely amazing. It's day two of all this bantering about my REPORT that Chris Bosh wants out of Toronto and you'd think I REPORTED the All-Star forward committing a crime." -Bozo the Clown

Yes my very good sources have indicated to me that without a doubt this was written by the world renown Bozo the Clown.. In case anybody disputes this I will then suggest that Stephen BOZO Smith "quietly" told me that he's Bozo for obvious reasons (he may lose his job.. seeing as ESPN didn't think they were paying BOZO to report on national television about the NBA{).

It's so clear to see that Mr. Smith is BOZO the clown.. just look at his history for example: "Dan Gilbert, owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, has called him an entertainer, not a journalist. And two New York Post columnists, Peter Vecsey, a former NBC and TNT basketball analyst, and Phil Mushnick, have assailed him several times. Mr. Vecsey, who regularly flays Mr. Smith's stories, called him a "multi-media fraud." SOURCE: http://www.nytimes.com/2005/07/31/arts/television/31sand.html?_r=1

Another example that Mr. Smith is indeed Bozo the Clown is the fact that they took away his privilege of sitting at the main table of analysts during draft day: http://ballhype.com/video/stephen_a_smith_heckled_in_the_2008_nba_draft/

With second reference:

Third Reference (which also shows that other people have the same sources as me - that he is indeed bozo) which also shows that he has lost a newspaper column and radio show:


ANYHOW... All I'm gonna say, is WITHOUT A DOUBT Stephen BOZO Smith is indeed the world renown Clown.. The Clown's identity has finally been revealed.. Although this might just be "HEARSAY" to some... I DID WISH I HAD AT LEAST A COUPLE OF SOURCES TO BACK UP MY CLAIMS... hmm interesting.. I learned that from a buddy named Stephen... reporting doesn't need cited sources.. i could get used to getting paid to entertain like a clown even though I claim to be REPORTING!!


Tim I.


Ok, ok.. I realize there have been many people not believing me that Stephen Smith is indeed Bozo the clown. Most Bozo the Clown fans are furious that his name be mentioned as the true identity of Bozo.. In fact, most Bozo fans are claiming that he is instead an older Steve Erkle!!!

I must say, of coarse everybody who knows the truth is going to deny that he is indeed Bozo.. It wouldn't make sense for them to truly admit it... In fact, I predict he will deny it.. He will deny this today, tommorow, and even in 2010.. But he is in fact the world renown Bozo the Clown. I stick to my sources and always will..

P.P.S: Don't push me bozo, don't even think about it


stephen a smith: when you mention trade rumours that go nowhere, its not a big deal because its just another one of the hundreds of rumours you are paid to make up anyway. But when you say that the FRANCHISE player of an organization wants out - you are messing with more than just your ratings. you are messing with a team, a city of fans, season ticket holders, marketing, media...and you are discrediting espn and everyone else associated with you - all because you are selfish for airtime and too lazy to do further investigation.

and to bring up vince and the others, thats just low. you choose to mess with toronto a lot, for whatever reason - and then you backtrack like MJ's moonwalk every time. you should be ashamed of yourself. Pick another city to screw with because Raptors fans are RABID and will eat you alive everytime you try and say this crap.

Tim I.

HEY BOZO - just heard ur attempt to defend urself on the SCORE sports network in toronto here over the phone.. WHAT A JOKE BOZO!!!!! At the beginning u said he PROBABLY told Brian Colangelo he wants out then later on in your screaming rant - where you obviously have huge nostrils Bozo, seeing as how you don't stop for air... so anyway I listened to bozo's words carefully, and first he said PROBABLY then he says HE DEFINATELY did.. your a joke BOZO... then you try to sugarcoat how great a city Toronto is.. Well BOZO - guess what - your obviously lying because you know ur not welcome to do your circus act anymore here.. Your such a joke.. You seriously ranted for like 3 minutes straight before there were any other questions asked.. Then you try to make yourself seem credible that you have covered the NBA for over 10 years on various networks.. WOWWWWW once again BOZO the clown doesn't understand that it doesn't change the fact that he has cited NO sources... In fact we know Bozo's source is Jalen ROSE HAHAHAH .. I can't believe Jalen every thought he was any good.. how he ever got a max contract blows my mind.

So anyway bozo, you didn't clear much up with your contradictory words you used in your 5 minutes rants.. PROBABLY and DEFINATELY.. WOW!!! Some sources.. quote different words indeed Bozo


ps. would love to see you come visit Toronto some time now AHAHAHA.. if we get the All Star Game or something.. your in for a treat Bozo. We treat clowns with the most respect here Bozo. Especially ones that are so intellegent such as yourself.. And we'll know you're in town because we will hear you screaming in the airport Bozo. QUITE FRANKLY, You don't know how to speak or report bozo - just yell, entertain and eat cheese doodles..

In fact, on your point in the interview near the end where you try to make yourself a credible reporter simply by listing networks you've been employed about - you seem to forget to mention LOSING your newspaper column, radio show, spot on the draft analyst table.. thus creating this BLOG so that people can hear your entertaining shit still.

What a joke..

BOZO (or Stephen Erkle.. whichever it is) - You just pushed me son - my fist might accidently hit your face which reaching for your bag of cheese doodles.. Don't push bozo


stephen you are an idiot... two years ago you denounced the lakers before last year when you JUMPED on the lakers bandwagon (before jumping on the celtics bandwagon) after only a year. before that saying they would not be good for a decade... your too much comentary and nothing else i think i speak for the entire country when i say shut the fuck up you angry bastard.... no one likes you and you will get fired from espn very soon enjoy your year or two left then go back to an angry column in a new york newspaper that will get pushed out by the internet before you beg your uncle for money. the same uncle that you said get a job to you arrogant little bitch...


What does stephen A. Smith, bill o'riley, george bush, hanity, rush limbaugh and the hypochristians have in common? they're all full of shit! the only difference is the audiences care to listen to them and not stephen A. no one cares to listen to a bullshitting new york columnist besides those that are yankee'S, knicks and (im sure he can't ice skate) ranger fans; he's a fan that has a voice and thats it. His voice should be done.... by the way, HOW DO YOU LIKE THE LOS ANGELES LAKERS.... KOBE BRYANT SETTING THE MSG RECORD FOR POINTS SCORED IN THE BUILDING lil BITCH CALIFORNIA LOVE (N.Y. OWNED BY L.A.)move to L.A.... 1 in every 10 people in the U.S. live in California you would have a bigger audience than the puiny new york town if you lived in L.A. writing for newspapers; and you will be back only having a newspaper voice very soon. you know it, and your jamacian mother knows it....


no one likes new york even the pilot that saved the plane landing on the hudsin ( the pilot was from california and refused a press confrence in the new y. ) he said he didnt like new york, the best thing to happen to new york was 9-11 or it would have an extrusion of people because it smells like piss and is overpriced... its part of the bush conspiracy... but it is a ghost town in the making. or at least a kiddy pool when the water rises from global warming


My source at ESPN are telling me that SAS is a complete liar and makes up all his stories. My source is also telling me that SAS will be fired shortly.
What is the quality of my source? Who cares? Take the time to verify what my source is saying? No way, I have a perm appointment. Maitain any of my journalistic integrity? Na, I'd rather just scream.

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