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July 20, 2008



Hi Stephen, I'm glad the hear that you have gotten some rest while on vacation and that you stayed out of the sun. I agree with you on the J Jackson situation, while we as Negro's, Colored, Black, or African Americans use the term "Nigga" now as a friendly term, basically we have changed the meaning of the word to suit our own purpose. Now I have issues with people that are not black using the word as a new way of saying what's up to friends, for some reason they think that it is now a word for all nationalities to use. They are not the ones that were an oppressed people for over four hundred years. The word "nigger" was meant as a way of putting down the Negro people, to degrade us as human beings, we have earned the right to flip it around and use it as a term of endearment. Now I do understand that most people will not agree with that, but it seems to be an understanding within the "Black community".




Hey whats up Stephen A.

You know and I know that Favre was not going to retire. I remember you talking about it the day Favre had his press conference. Favre is never going to retiree. He loves the attention. I also, have to agree with you in regards to Jackson. I was so angry with him. I believe he knew the mic was on. He totally contradicts himself, using the "n" word and having a kid outside his marriage. I have to agree with his girlfriend. She said that the reason got so upset was because Obama's speech hit to close to home. It made Jackson feel a little guilty. I don't know if team USA will win every game but, they should bring home the gold. This is a pretty good team.

Holla at you later, be good.

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