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May 28, 2008



Hey Stephen A, I have a few of questions you can answer; WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? I have watched every single playoff game on ESPN and there is no sign of you, it’s like where’s Waldo Stephen A. I tape NBA Shoot, NBA Fastbreak, basically NBA anything you may make an appearance on, only to be disappointed. The last time I saw you on ESPN you made a statement about the other guys getting more air time than you, and then poof no more Stephen A appearances. What is really going on, and now that the season is coming to and end (with the Lakers on top) how am I going to get my Stephen A fix? Keep coming back to this blog I guess.

Your articles have been very intriguing and informative; being a sports fan sometimes it’s easy to forget it’s a ‘business” before it’s my “favorite pastime’, a business in which the greenbacks are the main motivating factor. Your articles have helped me develop a better overall understanding of the sports I love the most NBA.

If it’s white it isn’t always right, but it is less intimidating, but more on this after the draft.

Holla @ your Gurl, Lorris


I got a question, who do you think is more offensively polished? Carmelo or The Answer?

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