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January 24, 2008


Purveyor of KNowledge

Damn SAS!! This blog has you like Neo in the Hatetrix. Seems like virtual America wants to pull a Golfweek and catch you in a back alley. Personally, I've been a fan of your work for several years because your not afraid to speak what's on your mind and your normally have a rich perspective on whatever topic is being discussed. People make it seem like your pulling a Sam Kinison because you raise your voice from time to time. It's not like your talking out of your ass or your some Barbershop prophet...your just laying it down the way you see fit. Whenever someone is brave enough to say what others won't they will always have detractors. Someone suggested that your success comes from the demographic (young thugs) that you attract. I don't agree with that because I've been tuned in for years and I'm a 33yr old, college educated, non-thugging, anti-racist with a penchant for hip-hop. Keep up the good work Stephen!


You really do miss those copy editors at the Inquirer, don't you? Good to know you are exposing yourself as the fool that you are in the blogosphere you so love to decry. See you on "Capital Hill."In the mean time I think I'll just "laugh off" to your nonsense.

Lee Marvin

"Six months after stripping him of his column, the Inquirer on Friday fired Stephen A. Smith, citing job abandonment, we’re told. Inquirerr editor Bill Marimow had no comment when reached moments ago. In August, Marimow axed Smith’s column and asked him to stay with the paper as a sports reporter. Instead, Smith took an unpaid leave for several weeks, and was at one point scheduled to return but has repeatedly failed to do so"


Stephen A. Smith : Insight :: China : Civil Rights



I have a question. In your very insightful quote by Rosa Parks at the top of your page, why do you first feel the need to capitalize nearly every word, and second not capitalize "made up". It is completely mind blowing and quite insane.
2nd, please explain to me how Kobe is the clear MVP when his numbers are 27.8 ppg, 5.3 apg, 6.2 rpg while Lebron James stats are 29.9 ppg, 7.3 apg, and 7.7 rpg. Not so clear to me.



Screamin A(ss clown). I am so happy that you are here. Over the years you have.... enlightened.....hmm..no that's not the right word.....subjected...subjected is more like it, to you rediculous views....like remember the time when you said on your show(that horible train wreck) that "I AM NOT IMPRESSED WITH LANCE ARMSTRONG! HE RIDES A BIKE, I HAD A BIKE WHEN I WAS A KID!" That was awesome....what a douche...I had a football when I was a kid....look I'm just like Tom Brady!

A wise man once said "better to keep your mouth shut and appear a fool then to open it and remove all doubt" HE WAS TALKING DIRECTLY TO YOU SCREAMIN A(ss Clown).


Since you no longer have a job, why is it that you've only posted twice in the last 15 days?

Also, why is every word of the Rosa Parks quote capitalized except for "made up?" Is there a reason for that, or is capitalization too hard for Stephen A. Quite Frankly, I think capitalization should be a strength of someone who writes for a living.

Lee Marvin

You Suck!


Stephen A, welcome joining us folks out here in the blogoshpere. I think in time, you will upgrade your opinion about writers in cyperspace. Just like mainstream there is a wide spectrum of quality. Unlike mainstream there is a wide spectrum of opinion. Good luck to you.

Wanted to let you know that "Quite Frankly" was the best talk sports show on TV. Period. The show really differentiated itself after the first 15 minutes. That's when I witnessed some of the best interviews with athletes that I have ever seen. Your willingness to tackle a variety of social issues and the opportunities to shine light on journalists not "in The Sports Reporters Club" was also appreciated. Cancellation or not, it was the best show and this is coming from a sports media critic.

PS: To this day, I've never seen a better interview than the Iverson one.


When are you going to post again? I can't wait!


I have a few questions:

1. Why is this called "The Official Stephen A. Smith My Blog"? This makes no sense. What is the point of "My"? Whose else would it be? Should it be The Official Stephen A. Smith Blog That is in Fact written by And Belongs to someone Else" (I have attempted to mimic the very use of capitals that I ask about below in order to demonstrate the foolishness of it all.)

2. What is with the random use of capitalization for the Rosa Parks quotation?

3. What does the Rosa Parks quotation have to do with this website or with sports journalism (or, in the case of this blog, so-called sports journalism) in general?

Thanks a bunch.


Myles writes:
I hope this blog crashes and burns.

Uh, yeah, I think that this has already happened.


Stephen A- when are you going to realize that the MVP for this year is Dwight Howard. The man child is going to pick up the most hardware this year and is tearing through any big man that teams put on him. This is the first time since Shaqs last year in Orlando that they have had the lead in teh division this late in the season. Dwight Howard is a young Moses Malone in the making. DWIGHT HOWARD FOR MVP

show love when it is due Stephen A


Stephen A,

I had some thoughts on the Super Bowl I was hoping to see you discuss. For instance, the idiotic coaching on the Giants' winning drive.

So they get the first down in the red zone, and what do they do down by 4? Go the dumb route of tossing a TD pass. It's first down! Why risk it?

Why not kick a FG on first down? If you make it, you now have three more downs to make one more field goal to win the game! Isn't it safer (and smarter) to think your kicker can make 2 of 4 field goals to win 16-14? Heck, you miss on first down, try it again on second down!

Someday people will realize your field goal rule is the way to go and start kicking them before fourth down.


Post again! The agony of waiting for loud, bombastic nonsense is too much!

Lee Marvin

You still suck!


Suck. Suck. Suck.

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