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October 17, 2008



Bravo and Hats off to you Stephen.A. Your latest blogs indicate that you are on a political move. However, we need more commentators and leaders like you who aren't afraid to take a stance on social issues that are causing the demise of our community at an alarming rate. Keep doing the dang thang because we see a politician in you on the rise....: )


Hello Mr. Smith,
I am so glad that you have returned to the world of blogging. You are so educated and you always articulate your thoughts so well. I have the utmost respect for you, and truly admire your work. I am glad that in your blog you touch on so many different issues. Please continue to educate myself and others. I will continue to follow your work. Keep up the good work.


Absolutely perfect...


Great blog. This has to be said, as black people we love a sermon and not the truth. I thank you for speaking the truth and I hope more people get it. I believe in the education of voters. Know what elected officials do and hold them accountable.


Another stimulus package!!!!
Why is this so difficult? I am by no means an expert on economics but I do know that we CAN NOT buy our way out of this financial mess we have gotten ourselves into. My wife and I have to budget to make ends meet, so why shouldn’t our elected officials also budget. Why are we as tax payers being forced to absorb the cost of reckless spending and careless investing on banking's behalf? Why aren’t they forced to correct this issue as I would have been had I had made risky investments or spent more than I made? On “60 Minutes” there was a segment on Bank of America featuring the CEO discussing the bailout. It was mentioned that Sectary Paulson had called the CEO’s of the 9 largest banks in the country which include B of A, and GAVE them 125 billion dollars (about 13.9 bil a piece) AND the only caveat; minimize executive compensation. There was not a requirement in the agreement to loan the money, if they held on to it nothing could be said but he TOLD them to start lending, it was there patriotic duty. Now my question; if we are in a credit, housing, and financial meltdown WHY would you give the banks 125 bil for the purpose of creating more debt? I know there is a way to solve this issue with out making the tax payers suffer. On the “View” Ms Whoopi Goldberger mentioned a plan, my wife and I had discussed last year when our NEW HOME value drop as soon as we moved in.Plan:1. All home loans financed from 2003 to 2008 balances reduced 25 percent. a. Creating value in homes and eliminating most over evaluations. Ex. Balance of 400000.00 reduced to 300000.0002. Reset all finance charges on fixed and adjustable loans to 5 percent; with a 45 day grace period before the first payment is due. Also reduce the current interest rate to 5%; this appears to be the level at which the greatest real estate transactions take place. a. Preventing another wasteful stimulus package Ex. 1) Home loan 400000 @6.5% P&I= $2528.00 2) Reduced 25% 300000 @ 5 % P&I= 1610.00 saving 918.003. Since Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were bailed out join them “Fannie Mac” assigning them the task of over seeing this plan, using the skill sets already in place to correct the problem. This plan will, for this example give the homeowner/taxpayer a monthly stimulus payment of 918.00 and allow one month WITHOUT a mortgage payment. It places money back into the economy without robbing the taxpayers of 700 BILLION DOLLARS. However since the 700 billion is already approved give 2 billion to each state for education, leaving 600 billion for contingencies.
Why is this so HARD!!!


Stephen A,

Good to see you back in the mix. I miss your show on the radio. We need more diversity in the radio world especially when it come to the reportings and opinions of today's sports world that is definately dominated by african american men. I agree with you on this it is good to support Barack Obama but if we do not as african americans get our act together, we may take steps backwards instead of moving ahead. I am not sure what else will inspire us.


Stephen A,

WOW….. as always well said.


On point Stephen A.
Will the new NBA season bring about more blogging from Stephen A?
If this season is half as exciting and drama explosive as last season, we are in for a grand time. Not even an honorable mention for the man-child in LA.
I guess JH was as surprised to see that someone was paying attention to him
Holla, Lorris


Good Job!


Hello Mr. Smith

Im just dropping through to say hello. Your presence in missed on the NBA kia shootaround. That was a great interview with the Boston trio. Houston is looking really tough with the Ron Artest addition. The Lakers look tough too. This will be an exciting nba season. Well Im anxiously awaiting your next blog. Until then ttyl.


Tuesday is the big day I cant wait.


I find no fault in your statements!

Only time will tell what will happen not only with this country but to us as a people.

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