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October 09, 2008



Well, welcome back Mr. Smith. You were so missed in the blog world. I need my Stephen fix nore than every 3 months. Apology accepted. I know you are busy but you started this with us and now you have to be more consistent-lol. Thanks for the promise. Wow, so you're giving your NBA predictions early this season. Hmm, I'll be sure to reference this like I did last year when you predicted the Lakers as the NBA champs for last season. :)

So, what are your thoughts on the Clippers this year with the addition of B.Davis? I guess not much since there wasn't even a sentence mentioned in your blog. LOL. I hope they can do something. Geez!

Welcome back! And I'm so looking forward to seeing your blessings (new endeavors) come to life. The world needs your perspective.

Continued best,

Ms.Music and Politics


Hey Stephen.A., so glad you're back!!! I totally agree with your thoughts about Josh Howards comments reg the Anthem (Sept, 18 article.) I feel that Josh is one step away from burning the American flag. I'm just glad his comments don't reflect the thoughts of all blacks in America.


Welcome back the blog grind, bruh. I read you whenever I can, but rarely comment. There comes a time in our lives when we must all ponder our higher purpose, especially when we've been Blessed with the gift to reach so many others. The world is so much BIGGER than sports & entertainment, and we have the ability to expand beyond our limitations (or those placed upon us), the effect can be large & far-reaching. So, I wish you well, and many more Blessings in your journey.



P.S. You've come a long way since we were once classmates back in 80s at FIT. Proud of you!



Steven A. I just wanted to let you know that I am a HUGE fan of yours. I am very excited to finally read your blog. It's good to see a black man doing something positive and really caring about his community. I also wanted to say that seeing you and Skip battle on First Take is MUST SEE TV. Remain blessed.

Mary P

Hi Stephen A.

I am a fan, I too love basketball. Looking forward to your take on the Chicago Bulls (Derrick Rose) and who will be the diversifed big center man on the court.


Welcome back, I really missed all your made-up, unsubstantiated “news” stories. Please tell us more about Bosh demanding a trade or how the Knicks are going to sign multiple max players even though they don’t have the cap room. Your lazy brand of fiction reporting is always something good to laugh at in the morning.

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