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June 24, 2008



Stephen: I saw the TMZ video...and had only one problem..He was wrong about Kareem...other than that..I had no problem with it and could clearly see he was having fun with it. I think this is a non-story, but something to fill in the lull of a long azz baseball season, until pre-season football starts. Anyway, sir, keep your head up, keep on doing what you do! and man, get your backside back on TV..you are a up and comer and you shouldn't be silenced, because a few people don't get what you're all about. You got something to say and doggone it..you need to be heard!

JC Lewis, Jr.
Morano Valley, CA


I can't stand when the media keeps on with these two ex-teammates. They can't stand each other and put on fake smiles when they play against each other. Both need to just look the other way and forget they played with each other.

Lets go Knicks!!! Draft 08'


JC, Folks like you are the reason that many of our kids coming up have no respect for nothing. Shaq's cool with you? Whaq (I mean Shaq) has always been disrespectful towards Patrick Ewing, a friggin' noble warrior who put more work into his game on & off the court than Shaq ever has. If Snack (I mean Shaq) had a 10th the dedication to BBall as Patrick Ewing, he might have been better than Kareem. The fact that Jaq (I mean Shaq) could diss Kareem under any circumstances should tell you what kind of man he is. Imagine if Craq (I mean Shaq) worked his game like he works his jaws. Kobe's the best player in the game & even though he has grown up alot, I'm still no Kobe fan, but if Shaq wants to act like he's BIGGER (see TMZ.com) than Kobe, he should act like it. You know about the High Road Dogg? And smart money says, Mrs. Shaq wasn't the only booty Shaq was shaggin' & as outta line as Kobe was for havin Shaq's biz flying outta his pie hole, Shaq needs to sleep in the bed, (it's a safe bet) he made. Oh & you live in MorEno Valley, not MorAno. Hope you set a better example for your kids than Shaq does for ours.

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