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June 04, 2008



In regards to Stephen A. Smith's comments about
Paul Gasol's and Lamar Odom's play in game one
of the NBA finals. Without Odom and Gasol the Los Angeles Lakers would not be in the NBA finals.

If my memory serves me correctly the Los Angeles Lakers have not been in the NBA finals since the days of Shaquille O'Neal.

The Lakers this year would not been in the finals
without the acquistion of Pao Gasol. He has been the catalyst for their present success.

If Kobe Bryant has been the ultimate MVP...why were they not in the finals the last few years ???

I think that the real reason that the Lakers lost
the first game had alot to do with the League's MVP
shooting 30% from the field!!

I would bet that if Gasol shot the ball 30 times ...he would shoot better than 30%!!!!

In addition,the Lakers coach should place the blame
on the sub performance on Kobe Bryant and not Gasol
or Odom.


Whats up Stephen A.

I enjoyed your article regarding the change in the Piston's head coach. They needed the change. To be honest with you, I was surprised when they hired Flip Saunders. He didn't do anything when he was with the Timberwolves. I believe it was only one time that the T-Wolves made it out of the first round. I knew Flip was history when they showed Joe during one of the play off games. He was not happy. I am not sure about Michael Curry but, hopefully he can do something. Another special piece that the Pistons is missing is BEN WALLACE. They need to get him back. Ben needs Detroit and Detroit needs Ben. He was not happy playing with Chicago and he is not happy playing with Cleveland.

Well Stephen A........you need to always listen to a woman. I believe in a previous email sent, I said that it would be Boston vs Lakers in the finals. Well look a here, I was correct I just hope Boston wins. Kobe already have more than two rings, and lets face it, time is running out for the big three in Boston. The players are getting younger and faster.

Be good. I will holla at you later.

P.S. I really liked that picture of you and Obama.

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