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May 07, 2008



Whats up Steven A. Keep doing your thing. I've been a big fan of yours since your first appearance on Sportscenter. I like the fact that you are strong about your opinion cause i'm the same way. I know a lot about basketball myself and played Div. I ball. I usually agree with what you say about the NBA 95% of the time. I enjoy listening to you when you are on the Steve Harvey Morning Show as well. Forget about the haters and keep doing your thing. Lakers all the way!! And would you tell people to stop saying that Lebron is the best in the league when by far its Kobe.

C'le        (Cee Lee)

Hi Stephen,

The closing statement today you made on the Steve Harvey's Show; was very thoughtful and true. You were expressing the "Love" a mother has for her child and the part where you said no matter how loud or angery the message you are receiving from your mother; just look into her eyes and you will have no doubt where her message is coming from (the heart). I been doing this with my parents for the longest. I believe this can be true when two people are deeply in love. I think a great deal of disputes between love ones are when people do not get the message because they are so busy responding to the presentation of the message. Keep being true. Peace!


Hey Stephen A, let me take up some of that free time:
I am going to go ahead and make my pick known; Lakers over Detroit. There I said it. I am not sure how the Lakers get pass the Hornets, but they do, basically Kobe just aint having that. Chris Paul is defiantly clowning and very impressive, so much so I see San Antonio went to that “ZONE”. The Spurs are by no means out of it; luckily for us fans, it will be a battle. The Hornets are young, very active, and have a great deal of stamina, and over the long haul I just don’t see San Antonio being able to keep up. As far as the East the L Train will be able to steam roll his team to victory over the Celtics; which will be devastating, because if there is one person who deserves a ring its KG. I just think you have to be able to run this season and the C’s are a few steps to slow. In any event the Pistons will be able to get pass either team. Its NBA all the time for me, I just can’t get enough, every avenue I have to access videos, analysis, alerts, what ever I am on it.
Stephen you say you are happy with your new assignments and schedule, but I watch a lot of you on ESPN, and your body language speak differently. Through my observation it seems you have been hushed to some extent. No smiles why not? You never really smiled, but it was easy to see your enjoyment, now I see none of that in you persona. You are missed on the radio, but I will admit I still listen to different ESPN shows; however it’s for the sports (mainly bball which no one really talks in depth about) not the personalities. What I do not understand is how ESPN can ask you to surrender your show when you were the most diverse voice on ESPN radio, as far the African Americans go. Does ESPN want to reach out to the African American Community? Mike Tirico and sadly speaking Michael Irvin is not where it’s at. Quite frankly they (other ESPN personalities) are dreary, and not very engaging, but are informative.
I didn’t get a chance to comment on TMAC or Chris Bosh, so I will do it now. I am the black cat that roots so hard against TMAC, not because I don’t think he is good, but because he is good and too many people want him to be great. I watched the Houston games to study him and what I observed is he is just to kool for his own good. So kool he doesn’t want anybody to touch him, so much so he will not engage in any tough play or hustle on the boards. Anytime there was a scuffle, he was on the sidelines looking in. He always walked the ball up court. And he is fragile. As far as Chris Bosh at least you compared him to another human being, the same week I heard Dwight Howard being called a monster. What is that? However you do sometimes talk about the brothas and their dress; that I don’t like. You are a well dressed man, so please, too each his own, cause what is not working for you works for us ladies. I will say this and I mean this in the nicest way possible. You have a five o’clock shadow problem; which is very prominent through the TV screen. These are my only two criticisms about Stephen A.
I love keeping up with you and all your endeavors, but please help a sista out; how about some quick links to find Stephen A stuff.
Holla @ your Gurl


Hey Crunch Berry,

Yelp, I heard you and Tommy on the radio. You guys are crazy.

I thought I was going to have a heart attack while looking at Boston and Atlanta. I couldn't believe that series went seven games.

New Orleans is a pretty good team. I didn't know they can jam like that. I really hope they win against the Spurs. They have home court advantage and CP3 is playing like an MVP.

Utah better get their act together or else they are going to get swept by the Lakers. I am glad you voted for Kobe to be MVP. To be totally honest...I was surprised that Kobe had not won MVP prior to now.

Boston and Cleveland. Enough said. Its have to tell whats going to happen in that series. Boston can get just as cold as Cleveland. Both teams have a split personality.

Orlando vs Detroit. I don't care about either team. If Billups is hurt than Orlando have a good chance to win the series. I am tired of seeing Detroit. Flip better be careful. Detroit played better with Ben Wallace and with Brown as their coach. I wish Ben was back in Detroit. He was not happy in Chicago and he doesn't look too happy with the Cavaliers.

Back to you.......I like the gray and purple that you had on the other night. That was nice. I still miss you on the radio. I pray and hope that new deal you discussed on the radio come through.

I also enjoyed the speech you gave about mothers. My mother is very special to me. She is one of my best friends. We really enjoy talking about the election. I think she is going to die if Obama doesn't win.

Happy Mothers Day to all.

I'll holla at you later. Be good.


Hey Stephen A.,

I love the article! At least you do bring issues of the African A. community to print! We (the community) do have our gripes about the "globalizaton" in the NBA. I can see boths sides. Stephen A. look at major League Baseball since you brought that up in your article. African A. players (or just flat out American Players!) are a dying breed in that sport (which I personally find heart-breaking). Is the NBA next??? I doubt it, but that's how some people see it.

Anyways, I am a "Kobe-Hater" and I readily admit it. He is talented, but I despise his attitude. He has flip-flopped on the outside. But I truly think he's the same arrogant selfish player he's always been. I am glad he and the Laker Organization have finally realized that unlike Jordan, Kobe can't do it all by himself. And don't give me that Jordan had Pippen story, because we all see how sorry Pippen was when Jordan left the Bulls and then Pippen went off into the sunset quietly.

And just to let you know Stephen A. all "Kobe-Haters" are Chris Paul "lovers". We are in the closet silently rooting for the Lakers to beat the Jazz, so that hopefully Paul and the Hornets face Kobe in the Western conference finals. Then we will REALLY see who the MVP should have been. It would be as great as the Patriots losing to the Giants in the Super Bowl if Kobe lost to CP3 in the Conference Finals!


steven A - you're already doin' radio.

here ya on the steve harvey morning show Ftime2time analysing relationships.

can i be in one with you?

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