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April 19, 2008



TMAC is just cursed to be the Domonique Wilkins of this NBA generation. Great talent, but not transcendent. My picks for the upset are the Mavs and the Wizards. Being from Chicago, I can't ever root for the Cavs but Lebron is starting to grow on me. I just wish more teams would hard foul him on those forays to the basket. I think that Detroit is up to the challenge if they make it that far. I know that Boston is. Boston vs. LA in the finals. It's going to be great.


Hello Stephen, glad to see that you are back! I missed your last blog and did not get a chance to respond, my mother had passed on to see her maker on April 12th, and was busy with all the home going things.

I am so glad that now you are able to do the things that you love best. It is better for me now that you will be on the TV more cuz like my name says "luvmsmsas" Love me some Stephen A Smith......



We agree on the outcome of all 8 first round match-up, except for the number of games each series will take, which is inconsequential.

Kudos on your explanation to Chris Bosh and the R.E.S.P.E.C.T. you have for him as a person and a player.


btw ... please feel free to take a look at my 'NBA Playoffs Preview' when you get a chance, and provide your feedback.


Hopefully, I will find the time to be a regular contributor to the comments section of your blog. :-)


Stephen A.... man U keep it real, espn have to have some cool ass bosses to give you a platform to be openly honest on all topics... Keep showing your intelligence.... Never put energy into haters, it takes too much energy to do that... To me you are more of a success than a sports athlete ever will be,Athletes aren't always respected, but i know when you enters a room that you are.... you made it because of your brain, and that is rarely made aware of in the public... will miss your radio show... but change is constant....




Stephen A., I enjoy listening to/watching your show, but sometimes you absolutely infuriate me. You take every opportunity possible to trash the Cavs. All I'm concerned with now is finding out who your inside source is or where you get your information when it comes to the Cavs? Because you were obviously misinformed. The Wizards prediction you made last Friday isn't looking so good anymore, is it? If the Cavs continue to play like they did last night, the Celtics better watch out. And you can laugh at that prediction if you'd like, but in my mind you've lost some credibility.


Screamin A. Smith. stop yelling so loud. i want to listen to you, but i also dont want to be hard of hearing before i turn 35. good call on lebron. you just werent feeling him this year. smart call.


Welcome back Stephen.

The playoffs have been excellent so far but, please Denver in 7...only if they pray really really hard. Denver = NO DEFENSE.

I really enjoyed the series between Cleveland and Washington. I do believe Lebron will win.

I wish the Suns could beat the Spurs but we all know if that goes to game 7 the Spurs will win. The Spurs have the refs in their back pocket. I really wanted to see the Suns vs the Lakers. That would have truly been the perfect match-up.

It looks like Detroit had a wake-up call from Philly. Tonight they are playing like their life depended on it...and it does. Did you see the look on Joe's face in the first game when Detroit lost. If looks could kill.

I want to see Boston and the Lakers in the final. With Boston winning. But, I do hope that Kobe gets MVP.

Miss hearing you on the radio.


Steve, you're not off to a great start. Though I wouldn't really have thought that the Hawks could take a game from the Celtics, they have. The Wizards are blowing it. The Lakers are blowing up Denver, and Detroit, well they must think 82 games is really more than they want to play already.

Suns and Spurs look like a series that could go 7, even with the Spurs up 3 - 1.

Hey, try giving my man Greg Anthony a little more respect! He brings the analysis!


steve-o, it looks like the only 1 series you have a chance of getting right is the jazz/rockets. you r probably praying to ala that jazz win in 6 to give you a very small amount of basketball respect. you hated on the hawks and the cavs. do u just write your columns in 5 minutes and not think them through? that is what it appears.


Wow, who would have thought the Celtics would be playing a Game 7 against the Hawks. Man, I don't know about you but I wouldn't be surprised at all if the Cavs beat the Celtics. Boston has a lot to proove.

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