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February 13, 2008



Quite Frankly its almost laughable that Clemens & Bonds get so much airplay and few understand "the real." Lump them in with your girls Whitney, Britney, Paris, Lindsey & MJ(oops he's a guy) and your boys- Pac Man, Iron Mike,Don Imus, Bobby B, Andy P and what do you get? A HUGE DIVERSION aka THE OKIE DOKE!!!! While racists of both races are lobbying for either Bonds or Clemens to be cellies with Mike V.Nobody checked out The Sudan, Tower 7 or how our constitutional rights are silently being taken away from us via that uuummm "slick move" called the homeland security act. In fact, over here in DC aka Chocolate City 73 cameras that were going to be formerly used to record "criminal activity"...just went LIVE on Monday on the heels of laptops and cell phone data being able to be seized at airports (without a search warrant) woooooow. Anyway, we all know the hypocritical owners set up access to the Fan Recovery Plan aka HGH,The Clear, The Cream, the Juice for the benjamins, chedda, cream, bread & dough! In all fairness, i do believe that Rocket Roid should be thrown under the same BUS of public opinion as Barry Bigfoot is under. You know the one..no trial, no court date. Just HATE! Finally,Steve..Aye Steve.. from one brother to another..call me man before you start gettin all political or at least pick up a few recent landmark books -JC Watts,Jr- WHAT COLOR IS A CONSERVATIVE or Jesse Lee Peterson-SCAM. It will show a bit more objectivity and even represent the fact that brothers are on the conservative side of the fence AND FOR GOOD REASONS! Now That's change...


Just heard about the blog on the "Steve Harvey Show"! I totally agree with the whole equal treatment statements. If you look at how the media follows Roger Clemens story vs. the Bonds story there is a distinct difference. It's the undertone of it all. It's like the media was and is going out of their way to disgrace Barry bonds while on the other hand, I feel like the media tries to paint more of a balanced picture of the Clemens story. As an African American male I do feel the disparity in terms of the reporting in each case, however another factor that must be recognized is that Barry Bonds portrays a not-so-friendly image to America. He has been curt, obnoxious and annoying in much of the media footage that he gives. This doesn't help!

In terms of voting, I am also shocked that Obama has produced strong numbers in the primaries convincing many Americans that he has a legitimate chance in becoming the country's next President. When it's all said and done it boils down to who is going to enhance our economy, education, security, stop the war, and raise our quality of life. I have voted Republican in the past and won't rule it out in the future. As humans we make some good decisions and some bad ones. For me in this election it will come down to who will make America more inhabitiable for lower/middle class citizens. I believe that America will prosper again with either candidate coming from the democratic party, however, it would be nice to see someone who looked like me as the "Commander and Chief"!

P.S. ESPN made a huge mistake cancelling "Quite Frankly". Everytime I went home (New York) I went to the studio to see the show live. Go KNICKS!





I think your analysis is almost always on point! Though I'm pulling for the Hornets to win it all. I would dread LA or San Antonio to get another championship-this year. However,Boston I can wait another year though I love what they've done. I do think they need a little more grooming. For the record, Cleveland can beat Boston, they just have to be motivated. Thanks for all you do and say, because you do "Keep it real".

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